Våre hester /our horses
Gjengen på beite sommeren 2006 The horses in pasture summer 2006.
Hawks Waroness

Hawks Waroness  was bougth as a foal in 2005, she has been a wonderfull horse from the start, nothing has been a problem with her. She has a very good dressage pedegree with her grandfather Weltmayer as the most famous.
She is now in dressage training and has competed in small shows with her groom with nice results.
She also compeets in jumping with her groom. Now she is sold due to my need of more time for the dogs.

Molinas Da Vincy is a welsh sec a from the famous stud MOLINA, he is the kids pony and they ride him from time to time. The grooms keep him fit and has also started him at a few dressage shows. We can also drive a small carrage with him.

Omas Lamour  is a lovely mare that i bougth as a 7 year old, also with a lovely dressage pedegree with Flamingo as a grand father as the most famous. She had then had a foal and not done much more. I have trained her self to medium level dressage and have also jumped her and competed her in jumping also.

Omas Lamour

Omas Lamour er min dressur hest. Hun går stabilt LA  med mange plasseringer, det er planlagt at hun skal opp i MB i løpet av kommende sesong.

Omas Lamour is mumms dressage horse. She compets in novice /medium level. She also jumps and hacks for fun.

Dressur hester kan også hoppe/ dressage horses can also jump.

Jeg hopper mine dressur hester både på trening og stevner, men etter at jeg fikk noah blir det ikke høyt. Jeg tror det er bra for dem både fysisk og psykisk.


Molinas Da Vincy


Molinas Da Vincy came to us as a stallion to grasse with his buddies one summer. But we fell in love and he never whent home=) 
Molinas Da vincy born 2005  is a welch sec A stallion from Stutteri Molina in Etne. We use him for driving and my children and a girl is riding him. He has started some dressage competitions. He is a real gentle man.

Hingstene på sommer beite 2007/ The stallions on summer grassing summer 2007.
Hingstene har et stort flott beite på 50 mål der de koser seg hele sommeren.

Ole og Da Vincy leker.